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LeSuperbe has Switzerland‘s best cheese

Jura nantwich

The best Cheese from Switzerland is the one from the house Lustenberger & Dürst SA: Our Jura Montagne, Tourbière la Chaux, was awarded gold as Switzerland‘s best cheese at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich (England). 

And there is even more good news: Our Jura Montagne - Tourbière la Chaux additionally won two silver medals. The soft cream-cheese Saint Christoph was awarded gold and silver and our cheese specialities Grand Maurice, Arve and St. Jost were each honoured with a silver medal. 

Die International Cheese Awards: The International Cheese Show in Nantwich is the biggest and best Cheese Awards in the world since 1897. The 120th edition has taken place from july, 25th until july, 26th 2017.