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Devilish sweet temptation presented in a new dress


Honey sweet, creamy soft and at the same time devilishly spicy. Diabolo-Gourmet is multi faceted and is a diabolical temptation that hides its soft core in a black rind.

Our exclusive cheese speciality Diabolo Gourmet shines in new splondour: Both the wheel as well as the pre-cut cheese do have a new design. Still, the devil is the symbol of this diabolical temptation. Now, his look is more modern and adapted to the new Logo of our umbrella brand „LeSuperbe“, which has been renewed 2 years ago. 

What remains: the proven goodness of our exclusive and carefully ripened raw-milk cheese. Diabolo Gourmet always is a unique treat:  

Devilish, sophisticated taste, with flavours such as pepper and apricot. Creamy, tangy notes unfold gently on the palate.