Artisanal cheese production

Authentic, full bodied and 100 percent natural as in 1862
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Happy cows

The taste of the local environment makes our cheese specialities a very special treat. Fresh mountain herbs in the Jura, juicy and rich grasslands in eastern Switzerland or flower meadows in the Alps - the terroir characterises the milk. That is why we pay close attention to where our milk comes from. Our farmers make no compromises when caring for their animals. They know each cow by name and ensure that they are thriving, with plenty of exercise and pure natural fodder without artificial additives.

Natural raw milk

The raw milk is processed in its natural and untreated state. No long transport routes - the cheese is made in the local village dairy where farmers and cheese makers know each other well. Has it perhaps been raining a lot and the grass is richer than usual? Or were the cows particularly frisky today? Every detail is important for the cheese maker to make excellent cheese from the best raw milk.

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Traditional crafts

The fine sense of the moment, for ideal timing and for the specific characteristics of the milk - that is what makes our cheese. They are all true connoisseurs of their trade and make cheese with much love and passion. It's a demanding job in the heat and humidity of the cheese kitchen, yet they would never give up the art of handcrafted cheesemaking. Tradition, naturalness and craft - these are the secrets of the art of authentic cheese-making.  

Loving ripening

The finest sense, ready to smell every detail of the ripening cheese, to savour each flavour finesse. Cupped ears and a feeling that cannot be described in words - our maître affineurs are true masters of cheese ripening. They ensure that our specialities receive the proper care and can develop their taste to perfection in the perfect cave air deep in the sandstone.  

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Careful selection

Our maître affineurs carefully and deliberately select the cheeses prepared for enjoyment. A wheel only leaves the family cellar in Hünenberg See when it has reached its taste perfection. That is why our specialities offer unparalleled flavour sensations - spicy and seasoned with fine salt crystals, naturally fresh and softly melting or honey sweet and devilishly-racy - discover the diversity!