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A culinary symphony by Wiesner's back-to-nature cuisine

Cooking with wood, hay, stones, gold, or rusty nails: Stefan Wiesner, alias “The Magician”, is known for exquisite creations. He set out on a search for our origin for us. In Entlebuch, the homeland of our company founder and the home of Wiesner, he was inspired by the primal wildness and naturalness of the mountain region with its stone pines. Our crafted raw milk cheese, fruity and tangy, and refined with Needles from the Arve (stone pine) – Wiesner has conjured up an exclusive taste experience with this cheese

On the palate, the stone pine needles combine with the cheese to form a taste sensation that brings us back to nature. Wiesner: “The stone pine gives me the feeling of connecting with nature. It's more than a tree, it's the queen of the Alps, the mother of wisdom, a flaming bush that seeks the light and symbolises sensuality and the power of resistance. Its qualities are entirely reflected in the taste and attitude towards life connected with the cheese "Arve"”. 

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Powerful, tart and woody

The unconventional note of essential oil tickles the taste buds, challenging them with a surprisingly sophisticated flavour – powerful, fresh, tart and woody. The taste of pure naturalness seduces the senses – a refreshing pleasure, like a walk through the forest under the first rays of sunshine following a summer storm.

The elegant packaging of our Arve cheese makes it a wonderful gift for friends and family.


Stefan Wiesner

"The Magician" from Entlebuch

The magic of Stefan Wiesner

With 17 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star to his name, Stefan Wiesner is one of Switzerland's most extraordinary chefs. "The Magician" from Entlebuch is known for exceptionally creative gourmet experiences – using as ingredients wood, hay, stones, gold or rusty nails, he conjures for his guests smoked snow soup, chocolate blood pudding or sauerkraut-lime ice-cream with silver leaf. His avant-garde natural cuisine has made headlines, not only in Switzerland.

Stefan Wiesner is originally from Entlebuch, the same region that was home to our company founder Maurice Lustenberger. We sent Wiesner on a quest to find out more about the world in which Maurice Lustenberger came from: What inspired him? What was the nature which surrounded him? How was the climate, the air? How did the landscapes, forests, fields and meadows look like? What herbs did they eat?

In his quest, the sorcerer encountered the Arve (stone pine) tree, a type of pine tree that traditionally grows in Entlebuch. Inspired by this unique tree, he conjured the exclusive fruity-tangy Arve cheese – a cheese speciality refined with needles from the stone pine tree. Let yourself be enchanted by this unique fusion of tradition and innovation, where primordial values and authentic cheese-making craft meet exquisite flavour innovations.

Find out more about Stefan Wiesner here.

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Multiple award-winning cheese speciality

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Pine needles from the Engadine

The needles for our cheese LeSuperbe “Arve” come from the Swiss stone pine forest God da Tamangur in the Lower Engadine, Canton of Graubünden. Here, deep in the Swiss Alps you will find the Alp's highest contiguous Swiss stone pine forest, located at more than 2000 meters above sea and covering an area of 86 hectares. In the remoteness and wilderness of this mystical mountain forest, the stone pine needles develop a rare and precious essential oil, which lets you breathe deeply, is calming and relaxing, and gives you strength. The tangy, strong scent has the ability to re-energize. In Engadine, stone pine wood and needles are also appreciated for their warming, sleep-inducing, stress-reducing and heart-protecting properties.

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An all-weather pine tree

The Swiss stone pine is an exceptional tree nicknamed "Queen of the Alps". It only grows at high altitudes of 1300 meters above sea level, preferably at more than 1800 meters above the sea, in areas with cool air and abundant sunshine. The pinus cembra strives for light, yet is able to brave all kinds of weather, and is impervious to scorching sunlight as well as freezing temperatures of - 40 degrees Celsius.

The secret of the right crop

We harvest the needles for our pine cheese only when the tree is at the height of its powers and the needles are juicy and fresh. That is the case in the summer of each full moon. We know that the needles then have the highest possible content of essential oils and the Arve cheese can fully unfold its flavour.

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