Fior delle Alpi

Jewel of the Swiss mountains

Fior delle Alpi

The Story

Jewel of the Swiss mountains

Fresh and clean air, rich soil with powerful herbs, Mountain milk of pure nature and honest craftsmanship in the small mountain dairy: the result is Fior delle Alpi. A jewel of the Swiss mountains hidden in black rind.

The smell like grandma cooked milk, the taste of finest crystals of salt that melt in your mouth – Fior delle Alpi is unmistakable in its character, marked by its secluded home. Lush pastures with finest herbs give the fresh mountain milk its unique spicy and mature aroma. In the smoky and steaming Mountain dairy Fior delle Alpi is handcrafted to an ancient recipe.

Loving care, plenty of rest in the cheese cellars of Lustenberger & Durst for at least twelve months’ time – only then Fior delle Alpi reaches itsfull flavor and is released under meticulous care by our master affineur.


Product Information

Ingredients Cow‘s milk raw, salt, bacterial cultures, rennet 
Origin​ Eastern part of Switzerland
Produced By hand
Aged Traditional, washed
Shape / Size Round wheel, Ø 59-60 cm, height 10-11 cm
Weight Approx. 35 kg
Rind / Appearancee Smear-rind, darky grey to black
Texture Firm to smooth, ivory coloured to yellow
Holes Few, small, round to none
Flavor Intense, spicy, aromatic
Water 33 %
Water in fatfree matter / wf Hard / 51 %
Fat in dry matter 50 %
Maturation 12 months
Shelflife 2 months
Storage temperature +3° bis + 5°C

100 % natural
GMO-free lactose-free ( <0.1g/100g)
gluten free


Nutrition Facts 

Amount per 100 g  
Calories 398 kcal | 1645 kJ

Total Fat​
- Saturated Fat                  

32 g
19 g

- Sugar

0 g
0 g
Protein 27 g
Salt 1.50 g