Grand Maurice – Réserve du Patron®
Grand maurice

Family Tradition since 1862

Grand Maurice – Réserve du Patron®

The story

Family Tradition since 1862

For special occasions, festive gatherings or for best friends and dear guests - Grand Maurice Réserve du Patron® is served as the well-guarded pearl or „reserve“ of the patron Maurice Lustenberger - founder of Lustenberger & Dürst. The true secret to the Grand Maurice Réserve du Patron®: with its noble, balanced, and fruity and tangy taste, this cheese speciality seduces the taste buds like no other cheese.

Created by the passionate cheesemaker Maurice Lustenberger, the recipe for the Grand Maurice Réserve du Patron® was passed down through generations of the family. Now the best-kept secret is being reintroduced and the cheese speciality is being launched as a new product, linked with the Lustenberger family crest that depicts a deer.
The Grand Maurice Réserve du Patron® is produced with the established family tradition: using untreated raw milk and made fresh on site in the local village dairy. The cheese is handmade and the loaves are matured over 8 months using traditional methods and under the close supervision of our „Maîtres d‘Affineurs“ into a unique, fruity and tangy cheese.


Product Information

Ingredients Cow‘s milk raw, salt, bacterial cultures, microbial rennet 
Origin​ Switzerland
Produced Artisianaly from farm-fresh milk in local dairy by low processing
Aged Traditional, washed
Shape / Size Rounded wheel, Ø 60 cm /  height about 10 cm
Weight 30 kg
Rind / Appearancee Washed rind 
Texture Tender, firm, easy to cut, good melting abilities
Holes No holes
Flavor Fruity and tangy
Water 34 %
Water in fatfree matter / wf Hard / 51 %
Fat in dry matter 50 %
Maturation 10 months
Shelflife 3 months
Storage temperature +3° bis + 5°C

100 % natural
GMO-free lactose-free ( <0.1g/100g)
gluten free
suitable for vegetarians


Nutrition Facts 

Amount per 100 g  
Calories 405 kcal | 1695 kJ

Total Fat​
- Saturated Fat                  

33 g
21 g

- Sugar

0 g
0 g
Protein 27 g
Salt 1.5 g