LeSuperbe Raclette
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The connoisseur’s choice

LeSuperbe Raclette

The Story

The connoisseur's choice

Immersed in a warm feeling of bliss, enjoy the fullness of the aroma, the delicate creaminess, together with family, friends, guests, old and young: All gather around a table for a meal that feels like a holiday in a Swiss mountain cottage. Let yourself be carried away by the original LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Gourmet – the secret pick of connoisseurs and gourmets. 

Our LeSuperbe Swis Raclette Gourmet is characterized by a long tradition: Already in the 12th century, shepherds in the heart of Switzerland cooked their cheese on an open fire. Even today, for many cheese-makers on the Alps there is nothing better than sitting around a fire in the evening and enjoy a freshly melted raclette. The traditional production in the area of origin according to a traditional recipe and fresh Swiss milk with the flavours of the local nature give our LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Gourmet its authentic and full taste to this day. 

LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Gourmet is made according to time-honoured craftsmanship without artificial additives and traditionally matured for a period of months. A painstaking process to create the only raclette that tastes best pure. Fine rustic roasted aromas give the cheese a gentle sweetness. LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Gourmet is more than just a meal: It makes your time shine like gold and takes you to another world where you can forget your daily worries around a crackling fire.