Fine Art of Swiss cheese making since 1862


— Today
Lustenberger & Dürst is a leading affineur and marketer of natural Swiss cheeses

— 2010
Opening of our new affinage centre in Heitenried (FR)

— 2002-2009
Liberalisation of the cheese market. New cheese specialities emerge - also from mountain milk

— 2000

The brand LeSUPERBE gains new importance –  the quality can be recognised in it

We pack our own cheese specialities ourselves

— 1999
The planned economy is disbanded with the Swiss Cheese Union

— 1939
During the Second World War, cheese is a key ingredient for the food supply of the population

— 1923
First introduction of the brand LeSUPERBE

— 1922
Introduction of the agricultural planned economy

— 1920
Merger with the Bros. Dürst in Zürich, from now on the company is named Lustenberger + Dürst SA

— 1914
With the outbreak of the First World War, the Association of Swiss Cheese Export Companies (Genossenschaft schweizerischer Käseexportfirmen G.S.K.), later the Cheese Union was founded to ensure the national food supply. Maurice Lustenberger is its first president

— 1913 
The turnover exceeds CHF 1 million

— 1894
Renaming of the company to Maurice Lustenberger + Söhne

— 1894
Maurice Lustenberger buys the Langrüti in Hünenberg/Cham from George Page, the founder of the Anglo-Swiss Condenced Milk Factory, important cornerstone of the later Nestlé

— 1862
Son Maurice Lustenberger establishes a cheese export company in Sursee
In the USA, President Lincoln urges that slavery be repealed

— 1861
Anton Lustenberger, the father of the founder, is cheese maker in the Entlebuch in the canton of Lucerne

— Ab 1850
Industrialisation of the Swiss economy

— 1847
Opening the first real railway line between Zürich and Baden. Shortly before the founding of modern Switzerland, the foundation is laid for future industry growth and trade