Lustenberger & Dürst SA

The Expert in Fine Cheeses from Switzerland

Years of experience

We have made a lasting mark on the good reputation of Swiss cheese in the world. More than 150 years of experience, employees who have devoted themselves for generations to cheese-making and the deep connection to an ancient tradition set us apart. The aroma like grandma boiled milk, the taste of the finest salt crystals that melt in the mouth, flavours of nutmeg, vanilla or spicy honey - we know how to pamper the senses. 

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Our core competence

Affinage and selection - this is our core competence. Our maître affineurs smell, taste, tap, hear and feel. They have sharpened their senses, perceive every finesse. Is the climate right? When must the wheels be smeared again? Continuously checks and adjustments of the affinage and ensuring of proper care and rest. The cheese is given space and time to ripen. Only in this way, can it develop its taste to perfection.

Passionate commitment

We leave nothing to chance, but are in close contact with our cheese makers and farmers and accompany the creation of the natural cheese product. Raw milk from grassfed cows, freshly processed on-site, small-scale, artisanal production - that is what we aspire to. Making the quality even better, cherishing the knowledge handed down over generations and leading it into the future - we are committed to high-quality cheese with passion so that you can always count on the best taste. 

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Natural raw milk

The best pasture milk with the authentic taste of the local terroir with its strong alpine herbs, fresh mountain flowers and lush grasses. The influence of regional soil and regional climate. Healthy and happy cows that eat grass in summer and hay in winter. Farmers who nurture their animals with tranquillity, attention and without compromise - these are the secrets of the best raw milk for the optimal cheese specialities.


A centuries-old cheese-making tradition, unique natural environment with the best soils marked by the climate of the Alps, down to earth people who have cheese in their blood - that's our Switzerland. That is the home of true cheese-making that has also shaped our specialities. 

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